Our Story

TONA is an international sanitary ware brand originated from Europe. It advocates advanced sanitary ware culture and is known for its superb German craftsmanship and unique cutting-edge design. TONA, inspired by the four elements of water, forest, mountain and metal in nature, pursues the design concept of "less is more" and perfectly integrates the rigorous German artisan spirit with the pure natural minimalist style of returning to nature and practicing the concept of true nature. The brand LOGO is inspired by European daisies, the fresh temperament, exquisiteness, and vitality of daisy reflects the brand's vigor and vitality.

As a manufacturer of German-style bathroom furniture, TONA remains concentrated on producing fashionable and inspiring products. Its high-quality craftsmanship and top-level accessories have made the products outstanding art works.

At present, TONA has spread its business to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. We have exhibition halls in Los Angeles, and brand stores in Munich, Frankfurt, Milan, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities around the world. TONA meets the American people's imagination of fashionable household products with modern minimalist cutting-edge design and new materials, providing customers with tranquil and enjoyable space where products’ quality and design are perfectly integrated.