TONA Bathroom Vanity Fashion Show (updated)

TONA Bathroom Vanities
TONA Bathroom Vanity Fashion Show

TONA is not only a brand but also a life attitude. Our bathroom vanities have received a lot of positive reviews, and we have received feedback from our customers that they are satisfied with our vanities, which makes us feel proud. After getting permissions from our customers, we are going to share various styles and designs of bathroom vanities. Please enjoy.


Bathroom Vanity Model: Fiona

Model: Fiona 

In this case, the bathroom is designed by Mr. CuiQi, a 245m² room in Tianyu Housing Estate on Wuxi Road in Jiangsu Province. Grey was chosen to be the major color for the entire decoration with the flowing beauty of the lines. The bathroom background is paved with grey ceramic tiles, matched with Fiona, a representative model of TONA Sanitary Series, which is custom-made, full of the aesthetics of modern minimalism. The fine and low-key vanity is collocated with one-key-touch drawers and a flat surface, making it comfortable and concise. The lateral drawer provides convenient storage with huge space, making the room look tidier. Besides, the black faucets also make a great match with the vanity, elegant and charming.

Recommendation rate: ★★★★★


Bathtub MSC Med

Different matches can always bring different experiences and more possibilities for your bathroom. Versace ceramic tiles can give you a strong enjoyable feeling of luxury. The background and the side way are respectively paved with square metal-texture tiles and the water grains tiles. The golden thin-edged 2-tone tiles enhance the sense of depth of the wall, so the entirety can be completely soaked in an elegant atmosphere. With the match of TONA MSC Med acrylic bathtub, which is designed with fine pure white inner lines, the most enjoyable bath space is created. While bathing, you may feel like wandering in wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Recommendation rate: ★★★★★


Bathroom Vanity Fiona


In this case, the user chose Fiona, a classical TONA design for the bathroom vanity at the first sight. A full set with 2 basins, 2 faucets, a mirror, and a cabinet included, emitting breath-taking fragrance of the minimalism style. Matching with light grey wall tiles and a concise towel hanger, the best environment for our user is provided just now without any flaws.

Recommendation rate: ★★★★★


Bathroom Vanity Angela

Model: Angela


This user has his own point of view as well as his own style for the bathroom vanity. The cubic patterned floor and the latticed wall with a deep-colored shower room successfully avoided the monotonousness. The Angela series of cabinet, basin, and faucet warmed the cold tone in the bathroom. As for the grey wood color which is Nordic styled, it is the bright spot in the entire space.

Recommendation rate: ★★★★★


Bathroom Vanity River

Model: River


This user has a preference for white color. He's fond of the relaxation, freedom, and no stress brought by the pure white. So he chose white tiles for the wall and white hexagon tiles for the floor. The large-sized smart toilet reflects the user's attitude of exquisite and healthy life.

The River basin, cabinet, faucet, and TONA large storage mirror cabinet were chosen. The side of the mirror sets a towel-drying hanger to get rid of wet towels, a beautiful day starts from getting a warm dry towel after washing up in the morning. The bathroom vanity in this case seems tedious but actually is with a lot of surprises congealed.

Recommendation rate: ★★★★★


Bathroom Vanity Smile

Model: Smile – The Classic Design of the White & Original Wood

TONA's most easy-matching vanity, Smile, is really suitable for Nordic minimalist style. What the picture shows is an integrated basin, looks clean and high class. The mirror and the cabinet are matched with TONA high-quality faucet. The entirety is naturally designed, erases your tiredness, and relaxes your exhausted mind.

With the metallic lights installed above the mirror cabinet, a peaceful light effect is achieved, which can help you find your belongings. Moreover, the Nordic wrapper is attached to the inner side of the door, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

 Recommendation rate: ★★★★


Bathroom Vanity Smile

Model: Smile


The beauty of the Smile bathroom vanity can be greatly demonstrated in a light grey environment. The set of basin, mirror, cabinet, and TONA high-quality faucet gives you a brand-new bathroom. With a mirror cabinet that has ample storage space inside, your bathroom accessories can always be organized.

There is a linear light above the mirror cabinet that generates comfortable light that will not stimulate your delicate ocean-look eyes. Above the countertop, there is a white, concise styled towel ring, which is adorable and convenient. However, what may catch your attention is the round black and white geometric patterned carpet. It lies there in silence, but exudes a mysterious aura.


Recommendation rate: ★★★★


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