Edi- the Night Elf and the Morning Star

Many people have a problem with cleaning. When coloring materials smudge the white basin countertop, an obvious mark is left on it. Sometimes, recovering the basin can be tough, and if someone visits you, seeing the dirty countertop can be awkward.

To avoid this embarrassing event, you may need a vanity with a deep-colored countertop that is easy to clean and maintain. Here, Edi, the night elf, a popular vanity series of TONA, is the perfect choice.


The Cover of the Elf - Black Quartz Basin

This basin is made of black quartz, and you can see the shining particles in the black basin under the light, which looks like stars in the night sky.


This is why we call it the night elf, bringing the starry sky into your bathroom. Here are some advantages of the material that you should know:

  • With mixed nanometer black crystal particles, it shows a matte crystal luster that is fashionable and high class.
  • Its unique protective surface keeps the basin free of water stains, so you don't have to worry about tiring cleaning!
  • HBa > 55, making it not easy to get scratched.
  • Due to its easy-drying feature, the basin is anti-bacterial, creating a healthy and natural bathroom space.

T-Shaped Hidden & 45° Invisible Handles

Original handles can cause accidental injuries such as hitting and scratching. I guess a lot of you have suffered from it. Considering this, T-shaped and 45° invisible handles were respectively adopted for the upper and lower drawers. Both drawers demonstrate the beauty of minimalist style.


U-Shape Drainage Pipeline Access

This patented design of U-shape drainage provides more storage space for our customers. Usually, most drainage systems will occupy a lot of space, which limits our storage. But this design perfectly solves the problem. This ultra-thin ABS design not only can prevent damage to the pipeline but also keeps the vanity looking good.


If you are not a fan of black, Edi also has a white option for you. So if we call the matte black Edi the night elf, then the glossy white Edi shall be called the morning star, bringing you light and a bright mood.




The material of the white basin is artificial stone, which has scratch resistance, yellowing resistance, and of course, the advantage of easy cleaning.

Industrial-Style Cabinet Made of MFC

  • Both Edis' cabinets are colored in cement grey, a popular color of industrial style that is standing at the fashion front. 
  • There is no extra decoration on the cabinet, making it modern and concise, which can help relax your eyes.
  • MFC material has scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, easy cleaning, acid, and alkali resistance. All these advantages prolong the useful time of Edi, making it a perfect vanity for your bathroom.


If you are looking for a bathroom vanity that is not easy to get dirty, Edi will be your perfect choice. High quality, various functions, and considerate designs are what Edi has.

You can click here to learn more about Edi and you can place your order. If you want to know more about TONA bathroom vanities, you can click here to visit our official website.




TONA, To Nature.

Original ideas,

Never stop pursuing perfection,

Always considers for our customers.

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