Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide – 4

If you have seen our last three blogs, you may have learned how to pick a nice bathroom vanity. Let's assume that you have purchased one. After assembly, you realized that you should have bought other items, such as a mirror.


Here comes the question: How can I purchase a nice mirror? Don't worry, that's what we do for a living - to help you get through it and give you a suggested direction to guide you, which is exactly what a buying guide does.


About Mirrors

You can't use the bathroom without a mirror, especially for ladies. How could they do their makeup without a mirror? But if you want to purchase a good one, you should pay attention to the following tips.



Aluminum Mirror

Aluminum glass is the most commonly used material for mirrors. It's cheap, but it doesn't have a clear reflection or a long useful life. If you want to make aluminum mirrors as clear and bright as silver mirrors, it will cost too much, which is not worthwhile.


Silver Mirror

Silver mirrors are more expensive than aluminum mirrors, but they can clearly reflect the lights. Under the same lighting conditions, silver mirrors look brighter than aluminum mirrors. As for the craft, silver mirrors are usually painted twice. Besides, silver won't easily cause a chemical reaction with water, making it beautiful and durable.



Mirrors have great plasticity, which means they can be molded into all kinds of shapes. Based on your preference and the design of your bathroom, you can choose any shape you want.


Rectangular Mirror


Round Mirror



Oval Mirror


LED Mirror

For those who want to have a better visual experience while using the mirror, I have to point out that lighting matters a lot. Many mirrors are equipped with an LED light belt around the frame, which is soft and comfortable. LED itself is not power-consuming or expensive, so personally speaking, LED is totally acceptable.



Anti-Foggy Function

The most annoying thing is when warm water in the bathroom causes water vapor to cover the mirror. Then it will be inconvenient for men to shave or for ladies to do their makeup or skincare routine. To achieve an anti-fog function, there are two major ways.

 1. To Coat the Mirror with Special Chemical Material

This kind of mirror can resist fog, but the effect depends on the quality of the chemical material. Only when the quality of the chemical material is good enough will the mirrors have a nice effect of fog resistance. Otherwise, the anti-fog function won't last for long and will be weakened by water and wiping.


 2. To Equip a Heating Item

This is the most efficient physical way of fog resistance. All you need is a tiny heating item behind the mirror, and then the fog issue will be long gone.



Now we have finished learning about mirrors. If you ask me what price may be reasonable, well, generally speaking, a mirror with LED lights and anti-fog function will cost about $150, but of course, the size can make a difference.

That's all for the bathroom vanity buying guide. We hope it can help a little. If you want to learn more about TONA  Bathroom Vanity, please keep following us. The blog will be updated on TONA Official Website.




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